It's always the right time to Fiesta!!  And we can Fiesta with the best of them! Our Mission Road and Unicorn Center clients were included all week long during the 2017 San Antonio Fiesta celebrations. Ever Mission Road department hosted a tasty treat for our Fiesta Free.To.Be Day Activity Carnival. Club Unicorn Fiesta was awash with Fiesta color - on the dance floor, at the art and craft tables, the snowcone machine... only to be rivaled by the beautiful Fiesta clothing everyone wore. We partied with King Antonio from beginning to end... We had a blast at the River Parade and wrapped up our exciting week when King Antonio and his entourage personally visited our campus, danced with us, show us tricks and shared hundreds of medals.  Fiesta is a time when our clients are absolutely, positively included in the fun, food and fashion.  Thanks to our employees, friends, family and donors who - together - make it all happen.  Until next year... Viva Fiesta!

Fiesta 2017