“Getting to do something I enjoy to benefit a place that has given so much to me could not be more ideal!” –Claire Blecher

Now finishing her freshman year at Ole Miss, Claire Blecher was in seventh grade when her sister, Caroline, moved from the Blecher household to live full time at Mission Road. Claire remembers feeling angry and emotional as a result of her sister moving out, yet after seeing how happy and productive Caroline has become, Claire was inspired to organize a fundraiser to support the place and people that have helped her sister and her family so profoundly—Mission Road Ministries.

Flash back to about eight years ago. The Blechers—Sally and Danny, Claire, Caroline, and the youngest sister, Megan—live together in their home, occupied with the full time care of Caroline. Since I have been friends with Claire since middle school, I remember going over to the Blechers’ home for playdates, always being greeted with the smiling, excited face that is sweet Caroline. She insisted on giving me a tour of her room and took pride in showing off her numerous toys and games. Caroline ALWAYS remembers my name, no matter how long it has been since I have seen her. Caroline is such a social, lively, and happy individual who easily brings joy to whoever she interacts with. However, like most families with sisters, daughters, sons, or brothers with IDD who know the immense effort that goes into caring for anyone like Caroline, the Blechers’ often had to place their own lives on hold in order to ensure that Caroline was happy and healthy in their home.

Claire reflects that before Caroline moved to Mission Road, all was total focus on Caroline, difficult for Sally, Danny, Claire, and Megan to devote the much needed time for themselves. However, once Caroline moved to Mission Road to participate in their Boarding School program, Claire felt a new sense of relief that Caroline was in good hands and that the four other family members had more quality time to share with each other, which we all know is so important. Being the oldest sister, Claire recognized this change when Megan was able to become more involved in school, participating in guitar, soccer, and ballet, which would not have been possible had her family still been occupied with the 24/7 care Caroline requires. Like Megan, Claire too was able to pick up hobbies she enjoyed, one of her favorites being JoyRide cycling classes.

Before going to college, Claire spent a lot of her time attending spin classes at JoyRide, as she loved the supportive, loving community that always motivated her to be her best both in and out of the studio. JoyRide is such a significant part of Claire’s life, which is why she found it a perfect and fun way to raise both money and awareness for Mission Road Ministries, a place that has brought so much positivity to all of her family. Claire hopes that the people who participate in the JoyRide fundraiser come out knowing more about Mission Road Ministries and will be inclined to donate, volunteer, or recommend our services! Additionally, Caroline will be at the event, providing a special opportunity for the participants to meet the light and source of joy that is Caroline!

Thankful that her sister has the best care, Claire says that Caroline could not be happier at Mission Road. As for something she would tell another person in her situation of having a sister or brother with IDD, Claire emphasizes that it is truly something so special that you cannot take for granted. She adds that “many times it can feel like a burden that takes away from your own life, but it is the moments where you remember how much they have given us in return that make it so special. I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be half as understanding, loving, patient, or independent if Caroline wasn’t my sister.” When Caroline moved to Mission Road, Claire felt upset and confused; however, after seeing how much her sister has grown and thrived at Mission Road, Claire has accepted that it is where Caroline belongs!

You are invited to join us to support families like the Blechers who lovingly care for family members with IDD and who partner with Mission Road to care for the entire family! Come out for a fun ride at JoyRide!

Sunday, May 20th at 11:45 am

1915 Broadway St, San Antonio, Texas 78209

$50 cash or check at the door

Register online at http://www.joyridestudio.com/texas-on-broadway/events

Click here to watch the Blecher sisters and other siblings of people with IDD discuss the significance of partnering with Mission Road. https://youtu.be/CnMUtMtrUJI