Our speakers bureau, featuring our leadership and clients, is a way for us to share our story with the community and a chance for our clients to reach their full potential and be fully included in the community. and get his message out to the community. 
Spearkers are available to speak at both businesses and schools.
For adult and business audiences, we will share our clients' stories of overcoming challenges to motivate your audience to work to achieve their greatest individual potential. We talk about the differences between typical people and those with special needs, but more importantly, the similarities. Our message is how everybody has a challenge or burden in their lives. Some people's challenges are obvious, others of us must be brave and share what others cannot see.  We encourage you to think about your burden and work through it to not let it define you, just like our clients do every day.
At schools, we talk to the kids about how bullying affects people and how to defend and befriend those who are being bullied, especially those with special needs. We also explain how those with special needs like to do the same things as typical kids and how easy it is to include them and help them reach their full potential. We will encourage your kids to get to know a special needs kid and provide them with social interaction and opportunities they wouldn’t have had without them.
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