Michael Snipes keep ‘em coming back for more. “We have guests who plan and budget for one special lunch out every week. For many, they make their lunch plans around Michael’s work schedule to make sure they get to see him,” said Alan Pinto, general manager for the Whataburger restaurant on Wurzbach Road near Ingram Park Mall. CLICK HERE for the amazing 2017 video.
Like many of his colleagues participating in our Unicorn Center Community Employment and Job Coach Program, Michael arrives early to work each day, often well before his shift starts and hits the ground running.  His responsibilities include greeting the customers, bringing hot hamburgers and crisp fries to folks in the drive-thru lane and keeping the soda fountain and dining tables sparkling.
Michael is the ‘baby of the family.’ The youngest of five siblings growing up in Natalia, just southwest of San Antonio, Michael is very outgoing – always has been – according to his sister, Regina Lee, with whom he currently resides.
“Michael knew everyone in town. And every single person knew him. At his high school graduation, the entire football team would jump up and cheer whenever a teammate crossed the stage. Same with the cheerleaders. So my family and I decided that we would jump up and be Michael’s team to cheer him on when he walked across the stage,” Regina said. “Well, you couldn’t hear us cheer because the entire school – the entire audience – all jumped to their feet and cheered my brother when he walked across the stage. Everyone in town loved Michael.”
When Michael was first hired at Whataburger, 19 years ago, he was rather shy.  Yet he adapted quickly and performed better than he gave himself credit. Regina notes that when walks through the door at the end of a work day, he nearly always says “My day was good.” But if his day wasn’t good, it’s not because anything bad happened to him. “His bad days are when something bad has happened to someone else. He is remarkably empathic. His customers are not just customers. They’re his friends,” Regina said.
Unicorn Center is proud to recognize Michael Snipes as the 2017 Symbol of Success. This distinction is a testament to his nearly two decades of loyal service in Whataburger family. Michael personifies the qualities and ethic of all hard working Americans – eagerness to learn; outstanding customer service and dedication to a job well done.  Congratulations Michael!