Sure. They insure cars, homes, boats - but these big-hearted insurance agents from the The Independent Insurance Agents of San Antonio (IIASA) are insuring fun... and our future! Last week, our friends at IIASA shared their day volunteering at our Mission Road campus. They painted the sign at our Independence Square Apartments, repaired and removed playground equipment, repaired decomposed granite walkways, cleaned out the drainage in from of the Free.To.Be Day Activity building and cleared the fence line by the playground.  

This is dirty and hot work that makes a big difference!  We are proud to be called Home by more than 40 children with IDD who have been rescued from abusive and neglectful homes. Most have bounced from foster home to foster home with unsuccessful results. Once our children are safe and sound, living in one of our cottages, they are immersed in an environment of tranquility and peace. Mission Road is uniquely able to provide a tranquil setting along with predictable schedules and routines that allow the children in our care to relax and establish trust that they are loved and valued. We are only able to provide this type of solace for our clients because of the generosity and kindness of volunteers like the members of IIASA.

Having the IIASA folks share their time - and muscle - with us to keep our campus tidy, clean and safe is a big deal. We are grateful to Ross Ormond, vice president of IIASA; producer at Offenhauser & Co. and an active member of the Mission Road Ministries Board of Directors, and his colleagues for choosing to share their time and help to make our little corner of the world a better, happier and safe place. Thank you

Insurance Agents Making a Difference 2017