We are feeling Fin-tastic!  Why? Because our Club Unicorn Beach Bash was a blast. In fact, we had so much fun that we felt happier than a seagull with a French fry!  Nearly 400 adults kicked off their flip flops and really came out of their shell.  The Beach Boys were jammin' from our D.J. booth and all our dancers were keeping it reel.

What's a beach party without a yummy luau?  All guests enjoyed pizza, sodas, pop corn and stayed cool with snow cones.  That's a lotta food for a lotta people?  How can our amazing Unicorn Center team pull off a party like this?  Well, where there's a will, there's a wave!  Yet there is just no wave we could do this all by ourselves. Producing these elaborate quarterly dance parties takes a (fishing) village.  Who are the folks who help us seas each opportunity? Our volunteers!

Our friends from USAA, NuStar, Frost Bank and Valero graciously shared their time and passion making sure everyone was as happy as a clam. How do our volunteers make a difference? Well, for one thing, there are always a few shy friends - you the ones - coy kois - who get tide down or just sit on their blankets watching the sunset! Well, that's where our amazing volunteers dive in.  Our volunteers are brave tiger fish who make sure that everyone is included - asking each attendee, "Shell we dance?"

Club Unicorn offers our adult friends and family with IDD the opportunity to get out, make friends, and be included in a safe & friendly event - where everyone feels welcome.  At Club Unicorn, we can only have fun. We dance, sing, and laugh - learning to relax and make good choices. You know, it's a place where everyone can avoid pier pressure.

At Unicorn Center, we have a porpoise. Club Unicorn is only one of our many amazing programs helping our clients, adults with IDD, learn new job and life skills. The more they learn, the more independent they become. 

Our next Club Unicorn is scheduled for Friday, October 27, 2017. It's our world-famous Halloween Costume Party.  Go ahead. Add it to your calendar now. Water are you waiting for!

High Tides. Good Vibes.