It's way more than a job. It more than a paycheck. So. Much. More.  Working at Mission Road is a privilege - and working alongside the folks honored at today's 2017 Employee Recognition Luncheon is an honor.  We are a teamof more than 300 employees - a REAL TEAM - working together to care for more than 800 children and adults with IDD.  It's purposeful work.  It honored work. It's not always easy - but things worth doing generally take some effort, right?  

It was a joy today hearing about how these special people make Mission Road and , indeed, the world a better place. Today we celebrated 5, 10, 15 even 25 and 30 years of service.  Kathy Biry Slansky started her Mission Road journey in 1987 - and she is still leading the way as our vice president of IT and Innovation.  

We are blessed to work and serve alongside these dedicated, kind and hardworking people each and every day.... and for Mission Road that literally means 24/7/365 - for going on 70 years!!  Thank you for joining us in celebrating these special colleagues today.

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Employee Recognition 2017 - Always Special