Our clients are blessed with acres of God's green earth. Our 22-acre campus. 20 Community homes. 3 apartments complexes and Unicorn Center.  We are dedicated to providing the best care to our clients and being the best stewards of our lands.
There's a new piece of equipment that's been added to the MRM inventory. It's a two-wheeled tractor that includes various attachments that will allow our property maintenance department to complete many outdoor landscaping tasks that, in the past, we've had to pay others to do.
We'll be using the tractor on the MRDC campus, at Unicorn and at our community homes. The tiller attachment can be used to work in the Olive Orchard preventing the growth of weeds, preparing the soil in the orchard and other areas for future planting and, hopefully, assist us this year in preventing the Cotton Root rot that killed some of the olive trees last year.
The Dozer blade can be used to scrape and level ground, which will be particularly useful as we continue to fight our drainage issues on campus and on other properties. Should we have future construction that leaves the ground dug up and uneven, we can efficiently take care of that problem with the Dozer blade.  The Dump Cart attachment can be used to haul and dump soil, brush and other items across our 22 acre campus. The Brush Hog acts as a heavy-duty lawn mower and is designed to cut heavy brush. This is particularly helpful for keeping the fence line on campus clear. An upcoming project for this particular attachment will be clearing the Mockingbird property. The log splitter attachment handles large diameter branches that need to be cut down before disposing of them or putting them through the chipper.
With this small tractor and its six attachments, MRM will save thousands of dollars on the landscaping that's needed, on a nearly constant basis (it seems!), at all our properties.