• This little girl symbolizes all of our kids on campus, with their protector, Oreo.
According to ChildSafe, in 2015, there were 4,941 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in Bexar County. And while that number is staggering, it’s just as shocking to learn that only 1 in 10 children who are sexually abused ever make an outcry, meaning thousands more children in and around San Antonio are victims of abuse, typically by someone the child knows, loves and trusts.
To bring awareness to this incredibly urgent issue, ChildSafe created the Cardboard Kids Campaign. Cardboard Kids are two-foot tall cardboard figures shaped like children. Each Cardboard Kid represents one of the thousands of children who are abused and neglected at the hands of adults in our community each year.
MRDC was delighted to take part in this fun project to bring awareness to this very serious epidemic in our community. Employees and clients alike created their own unique Cardboard kid and displayed them all over campus. And in the true spirit of Mission Road, Lora Butler and her team took this fun client and employee activity over the top.  
Lora made it a contest.  That's something that we love here at Mission Road! She gave prizes for 
  • Best mini-me
  • Best mini-me, family member - spouse, partner, child, grandfather...etc..
  • Best cardboard kid - boy
  • Best cardboard kid - girl
  • Best use of mixed media (the use of a number of creative materials)
  • Best dressed
  • Best celebrity or sports figure
  • Best use of accessories (background and props)
Our cardboard kids were displayed throughout March and April all around our campus. They brought smiles, laughter and encouraged lots of conversation.  "Oh, I know who made THAT one!"  "Wow, it looks just LIKE her!"  "Oh my goodness, how clever!"
In May, "the judges" made the selections and the results were in.  Who won? We all did!  We had a wonderful time creating, sharing and enjoying these handmade creations. Now it's your turn. Take a look at the album below to enjoy our creative cardboard creations!

Mission Road participates in Cardboard Kids