Arlene, Program Coordinator for the HCS Residential program, writes: "When I think about my early days at MRDC and why I am here today, Leticia, Lora and Emily immediately come to mind. I had just moved to San Antonio and was looking for a job that would allow me to make a difference in the local community. I applied for a Direct Care Staff position at Mission Road and I interviewed first with Leticia, then with Lora and Emily. There was an opening in the HCS Program and that’s how I ended up working as Case Manager. Through this experience, I learned about my new community and the IDD field.  Emily was my immediate supervisor and an excellent role model and teacher. She always believed in my potential and provided me with ongoing support. During this journey, I have met incredible staff and colleagues, clients and families. Eight years have passed and I have to say that my motivation to come to work everyday is definitely my team…Caroline, Brenda, Lashondella, Sarah, Kasha, Jonathan, Group Home Supervisors, Team Leaders & Staff. I have the awesome opportunity to work with a group of SMART, FUN, caring, and dedicated individuals. Because of them, I am more knowledgeable, more patient, more compassionate, and a better listener. They inspire and encourage me. They make me laugh too!!!! I am extremely happy to have found a home away from home and to be part of Mission Road!" Thank YOU, Arlene, for your email.  The day you joined our team was a great day for Mission Road Ministries!