• Jim and Ricky

Jim De Hoog, MRM Chaplain, writes:
As I look back over the 23 years that I have served Mission Road clients and staff, there are several reasons for why I am here.  
First reason that I am here is that I believe God wants me here.  It took 13 months from when I submitted my resume to the day I started working. I think God was making sure that I had the patience for what I would be doing here at Mission Road.  
The second reason is the children and adults that I have been able to love and care over these short 23 years.  I have known Gary B, Dennis J., Cynthia W., Virginia M., Melody C., Roger G.and Ricky H. for 23 years. I will walk into a room with clients or customers and be greeted with great enthusiasm.  I feel the love of the people I serve as I have loved them.  I have been asked to baptize people, officiate their marriage ceremony, and celebrate their Resurrection when they have died. I have the opportunity to share and teach them about God's love for them and others.    
The third reason is all of the staff that I get to share life with here at Mission Road Ministries.  I have had the opportunity to hold their newborn babies.  I have prayed with staff and families before surgeries or while they have been in the hospital.  I have been able to be at their loved ones funeral and memorial services.  Some staff have even asked me to officiate theirs or family weddings. I have been able to listen to, share with, encourage and support staff in their many different journeys and situations and I am thankful and honored to be welcomed by them.  
My family has grown up with Mission Road.  A favorite family tradition is help serve Thanksgiving Dinner for the children, adults and staff at Mission Road on Thanksgiving Day.  There are many fond memories and it isn't Thanksgiving unless we have spent time as a family at Mission Road.   
Thank you Jim, for being that spiritual support for our clients, families and ourselves. I know many of us are thankful for your presence during times of great joy and great sorrow.