Governor Abbott as proclaimed this week Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareneness Week.
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As frequently happens on Monday mornings, the Mission Road campus had a wayward soul at the Administration Building. A young grey and while cat crawled out from under the porch, loudly announcing her presence and anxious to be fed.
The cat christened, Adele, proved to be very friendly, so I dropped her off at the vet in the morning to have her spayed and receive the necessary vaccinations. She was going to make a great pet for someone! 
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The Power of 3

  1. Business leaders
  2. Unicorn Center Job Coaches
  3. Unicorn Center Clients and their Families

We are all partnering and caring for adults with IDD – (intellectual developmental disabilities). What is one of the best ways to help adults with IDD? Help them join the workforce!

At Unicorn Center, we help our clients...

  1. Find a Job
  2. Get a Job
  3. Keep a Job

What’s the secret? ONE answer…

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It's way more than a job. It more than a paycheck. So. Much. More.  Working at Mission Road is a privilege - and working alongside the folks honored at today's 2017 Employee Recognition Luncheon is an honor.  We are a teamof more than 300 employees - a REAL TEAM - working together to care for more than 800 children and adults with IDD.  It's purposeful work.  It honored work. It's not always easy - but things worth doing generally take some effort, right?  

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It's always the right time to Fiesta!!  And we can Fiesta with the best of them! Our Mission Road and Unicorn Center clients were included all week long during the 2017 San Antonio Fiesta celebrations. Ever Mission Road department hosted a tasty treat for our Fiesta Free.To.Be Day Activity Carnival.

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Michael Snipes keep ‘em coming back for more. “We have guests who plan and budget for one special lunch out every week. For many, they make their lunch plans around Michael’s work schedule to make sure they get to see him,” said Alan Pinto, general manager for the Whataburger restaurant on Wurzbach Road near Ingram Park Mall. CLICK HERE for the amazing 2017 video.
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Our clients are blessed with acres of God's green earth. Our 22-acre campus. 20 Community homes. 3 apartments complexes and Unicorn Center.  We are dedicated to providing the best care to our clients and being the best stewards of our lands.
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Lashondella, Program Manager for Residential HCS, writes:

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Jim and Ricky

Jim De Hoog, MRM Chaplain, writes:
As I look back over the 23 years that I have served Mission Road clients and staff, there are several reasons for why I am here.  
First reason that I am here is that I believe God wants me here.  It took 13 months from when I submitted my resume to the day I started working. I think God was making sure that I had the patience for what I would be doing here at Mission Road.  

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Arlene, Program Coordinator for the HCS Residential program, writes: "When I think about my early days at MRDC and why I am here today, Leticia, Lora and Emily immediately come to mind. I had just moved to San Antonio and was looking for a job that would allow me to make a difference in the local community. I applied for a Direct Care Staff position at Mission Road and I interviewed first with Leticia, then with Lora and Emily.

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