Can you help us change lives?

Volunteers of all kinds are important to the program at Mission Road. As a volunteer, you enjoy not only the direct contribution that you make in your volunteer work, but the indirect joy of knowing that you are exposing Mission Road residents to a new individual from the community. Volunteer projects will be tailored to fit the group or individual.

To discuss specific volunteer opportunities, please contact Reverend Jim De Hoog at 210-334-2417 or

There are several ways to volunteer at Mission Road:

On-Campus and Off-Campus Group Volunteers

Large volunteer groups are welcome! Activities can include working directly with residents or helping with the maintenance of Mission Road facilities; for example, painting, gardening, repair work, hanging Christmas lights.

Day Services Volunteer

The Mission Road Adult Day Services program needs your help! The program operates Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Volunteers can help with vocational, educational and daily life skills training, as well as going on walks, playing sports, going on field trips and many other social activities.


Individual and corporate sponsors may donate items such as jerseys for Special Olympics, Christmas parties, toys, educational books, tickets for community events.

Individual Volunteer

An individual may assist in on-campus programming; such as arts and crafts classes, music lessons and programs, tutoring, field trips, birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday parties and much more.

Shindig & Job Luncheon

Individuals can volunteer with Mission Road's primary fundraising events on one of the special committees. For more information on Mission Road's Grand Western Shindig click here.  For information on Unicorn Centers Job Luncheon click here.

Review this packet for more information:  Volunteer Packet