We help our clients Find, Get & Keep a Job

The Unicorn Supported Employment & Job Coaching Program helps match adults with IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities) with employers who are eager to have them on their team.  


Our job coaches work one-on-one with each individual to determine his/her interests and the type of work that is best for them. Often employers are contacted to help carve out various tasks that could be done on a part-time basis.


Once a job has been found, job coaches teach the individual the specific skills they will need to be successful at their job. 


In order to keep a job, Unicorn provides ongoing employer support. The Not-So-Secret to our Success? Job Coaches!

  • Job coaches visit the employee and his/her supervisor frequently
  • Job coaches will step in and provide additional training and support when there is change:
    • New supervisor
    • New task assignments
    • Conflict resolution
  • We also advocate and celebrate the employee's success!
    • Help them train for possible promotions
    • Advocate for raises
    • Identify safety and care issues

Let's get started!

Looking for a job?  If you are an adult with IDD and you would like help in getting a job in the community, please CLICK HERE to complete and submit our Customer Interest Form.

Looking to HIRE for a job?  If you are a business leader and are interested in hiring a person with IDD or you are interested in exploring the option of carving out a job at your company and hiring a person with IDD, please contact Valerie Blackmon at (210) 448-2231 or vblackmon@mrmsat.org.

Unicorn Centers, through a network with The Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS), local employers and trained, experienced staff, provides participants with an array of services designed to enhance employment. 

The Power of Three - 1. Employee  2. Employer  3. Job Coach

CLICK HERE to watch our video on our Job Coaching program. 

CLICK HERE to read about the Power of Three. PDF document

Patronize our Partners! CLICK HERE for the list of the businesses who employ our clients. We are dedicated to supporting the businesses who support our clients!

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