We have fun!

The Unicorn Centers’ Day Activity program provides our customers with an active, vibrant day program. Our team works closely with our clients - adults with ID (intellectual disabilities - formerly mental retardation) to be included in a community-based environment where we help them learn, improve and retain the life skills that are necessary to live and participate successfully in home and community life.

Life Skills Activities include:

  • Kitchen and laundry skills
    • Following a recipe
    • Safely using a stove, oven and dishwasher
    • Food safety and Meal Planning
    • Washing and drying clothes
  • Money Management
    • Recognizing coins and paper money
    • Making change
    • Writing a check and making bank deposits
  • Health & Hygiene
    • Personal grooming
      • Brushing your teeth
      • Hair & Skin Care
      • Hand Washing
    • Daily exercise
      • Walking & Jogging
      • Yoga & Dancing
      • Resistance & Weight Training
  • Managing My Emotions & Mental Health
    • Counting on myself
    • Choosing kind words & actions
    • Taking medication
    • Sleep and Relaxtion Techniques

And we're just gettin' started!

In addition to job and life  training, Unicorn Centers hosts structured social, recreational and educational activities. These events provide a foundation for positive growth and development.

  • Current Events
  • Exercise Room
  • Meals on Wheels (We donate our time too!)
  • Social Skills
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Best of all... Field Trips!
    • Cinemark Movies
    • Fire Station Tour
    • Pet-Co
    • Historic San Antonio Mission Tours
    • San Antonio Public Library
    • H-E-B Shopping & Food Tours
    • and much more!

Want to join the fun?  Contact us at (210) 737-3355 or at info@mrmsat.org

You can also start by CLICKING HERE to complete and submit our online Customer Interest Form


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