Unicorn Centers, Inc. is a vocational training and job placement agency for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities located in San Antonio, Texas. Unicorn customers are empowered to achieve their maximum potential for independence and productivity in the workplace and in the community through specialized Unicorn programs. 

Founded in 1984, The Unicorn Center is the only site in Bexar County offering life enhancement through the combination of half-day contract work, life skills training, job placement, job coaching and long-term follow-up. Unicorn serves approximately 300 customers each day, with ages ranging from 18 to 80 years old. Unicorn Centers, Inc. is part of the Mission Road Ministries family of agencies.


1984 - February, Unicorn Centers Inc. is established by Founder/Executive Director Mrs. Edith Garwood. Provides recreational activities for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, location on Vance Jackson is moved to Christ Episcopal Church in Monte Vista.

1985 - The Unicorn Centers, Inc. obtained Tax Exempt Status from I.R.S. as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

1986 - Location moved to Acme Road, Vocational Services began at Unicorn.

1987 - United Way begins to fund Unicorn. Department of Labor license is obtained for “sheltered workshop” activities.

1989 - Location moved to 1300 West Avenue.

1990 - Unicorn serves its 100th client on site. Unicorn assumes operations of entire building at 1300 West Avenue. Supported Employment begins at Unicorn Centers Inc.

1991 - Texas Rehabilitation Commission begins funding the Supported Employment services at Unicorn.

1992 - Licensed teachers join staff to begin Social and Life Skills Classes.

1997 - The First Client Employee Luncheon held at St. Anthony.

1999 - The second Unicorn job coach is hired.

2001 - The Unicorn Centers, Inc. becomes part of the Mission Road Ministries family of agencies. The third job coach is hired. In May, John Schwab is selected as Executive Director.  July, Mrs. Edith Garwood retires as Executive Director of Unicorn Centers Inc. The Northside Independent School District begins a partnership with Unicorn to pay a licensed teacher for the employment skills classes.

2002 - The fourth job coach is hired; Unicorn expands the Supported Employment Program to include funding from local MHMR State funds.

2004 - Unicorn Centers begins the Site-Based Habilitation Program. Mission Road Ministries purchases a new home for Unicorn Centers at 4630 Hamilton Wolfe Road.

2005 - Unicorn Centers begins the Community Support Services Program. 

2006 - March 20th, Unicorn officially moves to the new location at Hamilton Wolfe Road. Unicorn expands administrative services to include a new position of Director of Operations. A $780,000 reconstruction capital campaign is completed. Unicorn begins reconstruction of Hamilton Wolfe Section.