• 401 pounds of donated items to the Food Bank from Mission Road Developmental Center
  • 520 pounds of donated items to the Food Bank from Unicorn Center
  • 300 pounds in donated pet food to SA Pets Alive from Mission Road Developmental Center
  • 1,221+ total pounds in donated items! 

Thank you to those who donated and a big thank you the Property Maintenance Department and Robert from Mabee for delivering.

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San Antonio was lucky to miss the brunt of Hurricane Harvey's rains and winds, but many of our fellow Texans were less fortunate. Feeling helpless? Don't—there are plenty of things you can do from right here in SA to help. 

San Antonio Food Bank

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We are feeling Fin-tastic!  Why? Because our Club Unicorn Beach Bash was a blast. In fact, we had so much fun that we felt happier than a seagull with a French fry!  Nearly 400 adults kicked off their flip flops and really came out of their shell.  The Beach Boys were jammin' from our D.J. booth and all our dancers were keeping it reel.

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