Governor Abbott as proclaimed this week Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareneness Week.
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The Power of 3

  1. Business leaders
  2. Unicorn Center Job Coaches
  3. Unicorn Center Clients and their Families

We are all partnering and caring for adults with IDD – (intellectual developmental disabilities). What is one of the best ways to help adults with IDD? Help them join the workforce!

At Unicorn Center, we help our clients...

  1. Find a Job
  2. Get a Job
  3. Keep a Job

What’s the secret? ONE answer…

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It's way more than a job. It more than a paycheck. So. Much. More.  Working at Mission Road is a privilege - and working alongside the folks honored at today's 2017 Employee Recognition Luncheon is an honor.  We are a teamof more than 300 employees - a REAL TEAM - working together to care for more than 800 children and adults with IDD.  It's purposeful work.  It honored work. It's not always easy - but things worth doing generally take some effort, right?  

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