Portrait of a child in the care of our new Emergency Shelter

Jose arrived at Mission Road last month with his case worker and little else-no suitcase, no change of clothes or belongings.  He is the third child we have received in our emergency shelter program since it opened February 18th. Jose is a 12-year-old, Hispanic boy who was removed from his home because of abuse and neglect.  Although he has a primary diagnosis of intellectual developmental disability (IDD), he was initially placed in emergency care at Hill Country Youth Ranch, which provides care for typical children.  This placement quickly became a problem because Jose does not function at the pace or ability of typical teenagers. The staff there said he was “slowing them down.”  He is not potty trained and his previous caregivers did not take the time to teach Jose basic life skills that will help him become more independent and productive. Jose’s case worker immediately began looking for a placement better suited for him.

At Mission Road, Jose was warmly welcomed and immediately moved into a cozy bedroom in our Kronkosky Children's Cottage that had just been updated with new bedroom furniture, thanks in part to The Faye L. and William L. Cowden Family Foundation.  He was given brand new clothes and finally enjoyed regular, tasty and healthy meals. An assessment was made of his capabilities and his care team developed an independent treatment plan for him. Jose was immediately put on a potty training schedule. The structure, consistency and predictability of this schedule has helped him progress quickly in this endeavor.  He is also learning to brush his teeth independently; help with the cottage laundry, and take his dishes to the kitchen after meals.  His case worker has been so impressed with his positive attitude and the fast pace of his successes, that recommended that he be placed permanently in Mission Road’s children’s residential care program.

Although most of the children residing in our emergency shelter will only be with us on a temporary basis, we feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to provide permanent care when appropriate. We are all hopeful that Jose has found his "Forever Home" with us.

Our Emergency Shelter is available for immediate care for children in crisis who have a diagnosis of intellectual developmental disability (IDD).  We welcome children residing in any county in the State of Texas.  These children are referred to us from the State's Child and Family Protective Services agency in cooperation with area law enforcement agencies.  The length of stay is determined through consensus with agency officials.

For more information, please contact Julie O'Toole, director of the Children's Program at Mission Road Ministries.  (210) 924-9265 or at jotoole@mrmsat.org.