Inviting San Antonio's "Next Generation" of Leaders - Age 21 - 40

As Mission Road we care for children & adults with IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities - formerly mental retardation).

We focus on POTENTIAL, rather than limitations.

Club Shindig is the newest and most colorful addition to Mission Road's Grand Western Shindig.  Club Shindig welcomes community and business leaders, between the ages of 21 and 40 years old, at a specially designed "private party" within our annual western gala - The Mission Road Grand Western Shindig.
The entire second floor of Cowboys Dancehall is reserved and serves as our "private VIP room" for this bold generation of Shindig guests.  Tickets to Club Shindig are priced at half that of traditional tickets, making attendance reasonable and do-able.  
Club Shindig was founded in 2014 by Amanda Overstreet McWilliams, Annie Hebdon Mueller and Elizabeth Hebdon Reblin.  These smart young women and many of their best friends and colleagues are leading the way. The 2015 Club Shindig Advisory Board has grown to include and be led by Hannah Beever, Katy Corrigan, Ginna Crocker, Amanda Overstreet McWilliams, Annie Hebdon Mueller, Elizabeth Hebdon Reblin and Izzy Sterling.
Club Shindig offers open seating throughout the second floor of Cowboys.  San Antonio's premier caterer, Rosemary, hosts our delicious dinner - and don't forget about the full, open bar.  Our advisory select among the best of Texas' craft beers - a must for this new generation of community leaders.  But the fun doesn't stop there.  Our leaders also share their expertise with the Silent, Live and Country Store auctions - making sure there are plenty of fun finds for young parents and the fun-loving single crowd.
Club Shindig is especially key in helping to introduce to the new generation the information of our critical and unique programs provided by Mission Road for children and adults with IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities - formerly mental retardation).
Even better!  Do YOU want to join the fun?  Terrific!  CLICK HERE to register online.
Questions? Email Lynette at the Mission Road Development Office:
The new millennium - for the world and for Mission Road - is in the best of hands.  We are proud to invite the young leaders in YOUR family to share in the fun - and be inspired to take the reigns as time moves forward. 

Proud New World - Club Shindig Kick Off Celebration