Mission Road Developmental Center

8706 Mission Road | San Antonio, TX 78214 | 201.924.9265

Jesse H. and Susan R. Oppenheimer Center

Jesse H. and Susan R. Oppenheimer Center
Jesse H. and Susan R. Oppenheimer gave the lead gift of $1 million as a Challenge grant to build a multi-purpose facility for children and adults. The 12,200 sq. ft. Oppenheimer Center opened in February 2010 and houses three children and four adult classrooms, program staff offices, a visitation room, sensory room, kitchen and a recreation facility with a basketball court.

Votaw-James Homestead

Votaw-James Homestead
The original homestead now serves as Mission Road's administrative offices. The home was built between 1876 and 1880 by William Votaw and then purchased in 1890 by John James. The Bledsoe family bought the land with the home in 1946 and opened Mission Road Foundation & School in 1947. The homestead was used as the program facility and nursery for many years. Restoration was complete on the home in 1985 after a 1984 fire. The homestead is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Max & Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Building

Max & Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Building
The Voelcker Building houses an auxiliary classroom for the Adult Day Services clients. What was formerly the cafeteria was refurbished to accommodate the expanding Day Services program which operates Monday-Friday. Funds from the Voelcker Foundation allowed for the refurbishment.

Leon D. Glasscock Clinic

Mission Road's full-time nursing staff works out of the Leon D. Glasscock clinic. Children and adults receive medication and nursing care here on the campus.


The Kitchen staff prepare all meals here for the Mission Road campus clients. The busiest time of the year is summer, when the children are out of school. In one summer month, the campus kitchen cooked over 8000 meals!

Finance Offices

The Mission Road Finance staff office out of this building.

Adult Day Services Program Bldg

The Adult Day Services Program serves adults through educational, recreational, leisure and socialization activities. Services are provided Monday-Friday.

Education & Training Center

Employees complete their required training hours and education here. It houses a library with continuing education materials for employees and a computer lab for the Mission Road clients and staff.

Clifford C. Bledsoe Chapel

Regular services are held in the Chapel for campus clients in addition to special programs and activities throughout the school year and summer for clients and staff. The Chapel was formerly named The Harold M. Freeman Chapel. It was renovated in 2010 with funding from the Bledsoe Foundation and renamed after Mission Road's first resident, Clifford C. Bledsoe, the son of founders Clifford & Adele Bledsoe.

The Pavilion

This former Army chapel was moved to the Mission Road campus in the 1950s and used as a gymnasium until 2010 when it was refurbished as an open-air pavilion. The pavilion is regularly used as the school bus pick-up and drop-off location, for campus festivals, picnics and movie nights.

Laundry Facility

Laundry for all the Mission Road children and adults that live on the campus is taken care of here. A few adult clients work in the laundry facility part-time and receive a pay check as part of our mission to encourage everyone to be productive members of our community.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool opens in the summer for the adults and children to enjoy daily. A lift allows clients in wheelchairs to also enjoy the pool. Mission Road employs a summer lifeguard, and children and adults receive regular instruction time and play-time in the pool.

The Playground

The Playground was built in 1996 by funds from AT&T Wireless and the David Robinson Foundation. It includes a swing set tailored for wheelchairs, slides, a playhouse and more. There is also a garden that the Day Services clients enjoy maintaining.

Basketball Court

The outdoor basketball court provides Mission Road children, adults and even staff a place to put the San Antonio Spurs to shame! Mission Road kiddos are often seen shootin' hoops at this spot.

Soccer Field

Mission Road children enjoy the soccer field for after-school and summer activities that include soccer, kick-ball and more.

Walking Trail

This 1/4 mile walking trail is used by clients and staff. The kiddos love to ride their bicycles around the trail and it is the perfect spot to fly a kite!

Independence Square

Mission Road's first semi-independent apartment complex was built in 1986. It is adjacent to the Mission Road campus and accommodates up to 16 adults.

Meadows Cottage

Meadows is the only adult group home on Mission Road's campus. Male and female adults (18 years or older) may reside here.

Horsecreek Cottage

Horsecreek Cottage is one of five children's homes on the Mission Road campus.

Kronkonsky Cottage

Kronkosky Cottage is one of five children's homes on the Mission Road campus.

McGregor Cottage

McGregor Cottage is one of five children's homes on the Mission Road campus.

Bledsoe Cottage

Bledsoe Cottage is one of five children's homes on the Mission Road campus.

Ellison Cottage

Ellison Cottage is one of five children's homes on the Mission Road campus.