We want to factually summarize an incident that occurred at Unicorn Centers this afternoon. A Unicorn customer brought a pellet gun to the workshop programming area. He exposed the weapon in a way that was considered threatening. When staff observed his actions, the facility was immediately evacuated using our “active shooter” response plan. The San Antonio Police arrived quickly following the 911 call.

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FREE Nutrition Night!

You are invited for a fun, interactive nutrition class & cooking demonstration. 

The event is especially designed for adults with IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities)
and their families.
You will learn all about:

*  Portion Sizes

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Wow - What a game! Right?!!  GO SPURS GO!! And Ricky, Chuck, Joshua and Betty were THISCLOSE to the action. Bruce Bowen is their new, best friend. They hung out with the Coyote. Lucky Ducks!!
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