Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

Who has more fun celebrating a holiday than our adult day services clients ? NO ONE!! Last Friday, over one hundred pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay bales appeared in our very own Mission Road pumpkin patch.  Every one of our 130 adult clients had the chance to visit the patch, have their picture taken, and take home a pumpkin.  Halloween is off to a great start on the south side!!

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My daughter, Lindsey, is a very happy customer of Unicorn Centers, a United Way funded program. It has made such a positive influence on her life. When I asked her why she likes to go there as many days a week as her job allows, her reply was, “I like to be with my friends, and I feel safe.” As her mom, I have similar thoughts.
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We're Jammin'!!  Shindig is ON!  Club Shindig kicked off last week with an awesome party at La Fonda on Main  - and NOW?!
Carrie Underwood has just sent her signed guitar that will be included in our Auction.  Things are hoppin'.  (Thanks Kenda!)
Make sure you confirm your Shindig sponsorship in time to be included in the Invitation.
October 17:  Deadline to be listed in the invitation
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